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** By submitting a request form you are hereby understanding and agreeing to our terms of service**

- We do not tattoo anyone under 18 years of age. No exceptions.

-Requests will be responded by email only within 1-2 days

- Artist availability cannot be altered to get you in sooner, you will be getting the soonest slot possible for the design requested. The date offered is the soonest date the artist has available for the piece at hand. You and the artist will be in contact and will speak about the best availability for both of your schedules

-There is a required $100 deposit to reserve the appointment, the deposit is non-refundable and will be taken out of your end cost (there is no extra charge happening). Deposits can be called over the phone, sent through our automated system, or given in person. No appointments are final until a deposit is set. 


**One form per client**

-No groups on one form please (unless it's a matching tattoo)-

Appointment Request Form
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