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Tattoo aftercare



Keep new tattoo wrapped for at least 1 hour, no more than 4

- When you take the bandage off wash with antibacterial soap (no bar soap) and water. Let air dry for 5-10 minutes. Apply thin layer of aquaphor or A&D ointment over the tattoo 2-3 times a day for the first week (always wash your tattoo before applying aftercare).

- On the second week switch to an unscented lotion in place of ointment. 

- Do not pick, peel, or scratch your tattoo while it is healing.

- Do not soak your tattoo. Quick showers are ok, but baths, pools, and swimming could damage your tattoo.

- Do not expose your tattoo to dirt, animal dander, or infectious materials of any kind.

- Do not share aftercare or lotion with anyone.

- Do not expose your tattoo to the sun or tanning beds while healing. Always protect your healed tattoo with sunscreen, at least spf 50 is recommended.

- Do not take advice from your friends. If you have questions don't hesitate to call or email us!


- Leave saniderm on for 3-5 days.

- Remove in the shower letting the water hit between your skin and the bandage, then slowly peel the bandage down until it is off. 

- Wash with antibacterial soap (no bar soap) and water. 

- Apply an unscented lotion for the next week. 

- Do not soak in water, go swimming, or submerge for prolonged amounts of time. Quick showers are ok. 

- Do not pick at the bandage.

- Do not remove the bandage if you notice it's filled with fluids. This is normal, and your tattoo is underneath healing.

- If you notice your skin is beginning to itch or burn around the bandage go ahead and remove it in the shower, proceed with traditional aftercare.

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